Replay Hyperflex – Neymar Jr Capsule Collection

The Replay x Neymar Hyperflex capsule collection has just launched on Ghia Menswear both online and in-store. From the distressed jean jacket to the Hyperflex jeans, the collection we have features a range of products from Replay.

The Paris Saint-Germain’s champion and member of the Brazilian Nation Team, Neymar Jr has been a brand ambassador for Replay since 2015 and he has renewed his contract with them up until 2021. As one of the most talented footballers in the world, Neymar Jr has 122 Million followers on his Instagram. With this platform, by posting images of him in the products and brand content, he can reach and advertise to such a vast variety of consumers making him perfect for the job.

As Neymar Jr has created such a friendship between the Italian brand he will continue to wear Replay-branded clothes within his free time also. Speaking about the campaign with Replay, Neymar Jr stated ‘I have always been a fan of this brand and I really felt I was part of the Replay family during the past three years’. This shows how close the Footballer and the brand have become and he also expressed his love for the products by stipulating he ‘cannot wait to wear the new Hyperflex+ Jeans’. (Statements taken from

The most recent campaign is based around a video which shows the new innovative Denim Hyperflex+ and the qualities of the material used. The video features both Neymar Jr and Emily Ratjakowski fighting against ‘stiff jeans zombies’ and shows how the material of the Hyperflex+ Jeans is flexible and comfortable even in these ‘situations’.


What is Hyperflex?

Hyperflex is a denim fabric, which has been unique to Replay since 2014. The fabric is made with core-spun Lycra and is covered by polyester. The external layer of cotton is what creates the authentic denim look and the Lycra ensures the stretch in the jeans. There are also fibers that protect the Lycra to ensure no damage is done or elasticity is lost through any washes. The main aspect of the Hyperflex fabric is that they are comfortable, have great shape retention ensuring no change in the fit after considerable wear and that the ease of motion when wearing them is ‘never ending’. The idea of having athletes involved such as Neymar Jr is to show how the material can respond in an active or extreme environment. Since 2014 they have developed the material and improved it, introducing Hyperflex +. This fabric has 360 degrees elasticity that offers three-dimensional flexibility and a fit that lasts over time.


What do we stock?

Here at Ghia Menswear we stock a variety of the Hyperflex Jeans and we also have Hyperflex shorts. We have just launched some of the new Hyperflex + Jeans which can be found on the Replay Brand section on our website. We also have a collection of the new T-Shirts including the Monna Lisa Print T-Shirt and the Live Loud T-Shirt arriving very soon. The Hyperflex + Jeans range includes, dark blue, grey and black options which are currently on offer at £144.50 instead of £170 – so jump on that quick before it ends!


Get the Look – NEYMAR JR

Shop the Distressed Jean Jacket by clicking the image below.


Neymar Jr wearing the Distressed Jean Jacket – Replay

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