Superga ‘Shoe Station’


Superga, over 100 years old, began to produce shoes in Turin, Italy and the 2750 became the ‘people’s shoe of Italy. Starting off with the canvas, vulcanized rubber sole shoe, Superga increased their product offering with technical sport shoes and rain boots in a range of colours and styles. The 2750 has been transformed for all weathers and has collaborated with different people bringing fresh and unique designs to Superga over the years.

What we stock

Here at Ghia Menswear we stock the iconic 2750 canvas shoe in various colours and the remastered style in leather. Take a look at our selection below.




The 2750

The Classic Superga 2750 has an extra strong, pure cotton upper and is a lightweight canvas shoe with vulcanized rubber sole. With a premium canvas material on the upper, it ensures the shoe is breathable and the vulcanized gum sole ensures comfortable wear.The updated 2750 shoe is a soft leather which is a perfect smart-casual choice.


At a price point of between £50-£65, if you haven’t tried them already, get your hands on a pair now. Online or In store, the shoe will take you from beach to office, day to night and will be your ‘go to’ shoe for any occasion.

Smart or Casual, the Italian Superga shoe is the one!


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